Data Security

Data Protection โ€“ Made in Germany

In addition to the construction measures and the provision of redundancies to meet the highest availability requirements is paramount for us to protect the stored data in our data centers.

The implementation of data protection rules in a data center is one of the most important aspects for choosing the right IT service, because sensitive business information and personal data from customers and partners must be protected. According to the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), in Germany, there is also an obligation for companies to provide an evidence of compliance with these provisions.

In the data centers of the SKYWAY DataCenter GmbH, we set consistently and without exception on "Privacy โ€“ Made in Germany", which is considered as a quality characteristic worldwide. The data center location in Germany is thus a competitive advantage of our customers.

In addition, we guarantee our customers that our services are corresponding to 100 percent with the provisions of German data protection law โ€“ a crucial point for business partners, customers and regulating authorities.

Overview of your advantages

  • Data centers located in Germany (Europe)
  • 100% conformity with the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG)
  • Compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation
  • No access by US authorities under the USA Freedom Act / Patriot Act
  • External Data Protection Supervisor
  • Technical and organizational measures according to ยง 9 BDSG
  • Contract templates for order processing
  • Comprehensive data protection concept to assist in on-site audits